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My health is my responsibility.  If I don't care about it, nobody does.  Primary health care is healthy food and vigorous exercise.

Never let a day go by without learning something.  It would be a wasted day.  Make a habit of spending a portion of your time (at work, at play, and in life) learning things that make you more valuable.

A leader is a person who holds unpopular ideas.  Does that sound wrong?  Well, consider this.  A follower is a person who holds popular ideas.

Be unreasonable
A reasonable person accepts the world the way it is.  An unreasonable person tries to change it.  We therefore owe all progress to unreasonable people.

Bad laws
When you don't punish the rule breakers, you punish the rule followers.  If the laws are good, enforce them.  If they're bad, change them.

Maybe the experts in Washington can run your life better than you.  Maybe.  But that doesn't give them the right to do so.

Kentucky Fight

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